Art has always flown in my veins and I always craved to share it with others. And when Covid so abruptly stepped on a lot of our plans, I decided to dedicate my time to creating more of what I love.

Once the decision was made, I knew exactly what I wanted. I want to do both, create passion in your hearts via art classes and teach you the skills that I have learned over the years, as well as keep painting and exploring my own passion for art so that I can grow as an artist.

So, I am grateful that you are here, and let’s get your brain filled with art!

Andrzej Ejmont Art

Are you ready to dive deep into my subconscious? Yes, you are about to go on a journey into my psyche and see the art that my mind is creating and that my hands produce.

Here you will find all of my paintings under one roof, separated into two sections: Acrylic Art and Watercolour Art.