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Are you looking for easy-to-follow step-by-step online art classes for kids and beginners that are also fun? If the answer is YES, then you came to the right place!

FREE ONLINE Art Classes for Kids and Beginners

This online painting course is created for your kids so that you can get them off the iPad and/or other technology and protect them from getting an irreversible case of SquareEyetis!

Take this opportunity to spend more quality time with your kids all whilst you have a tonne of fun with paint-covered hands.

Easy-to-Follow Acrylic Painting

Online Art Classes for Kids 6+ and Beginners

7 Easy Step-by-Step Lessons – 13 Paintings
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Are you ready for your FREE online art classes for kids? If the answer is yes, then click away to your classes now:

Class 1: Color Basics

Class 2: Hand Painting and Hand Prints

Class 3: Painting Leaves

Class 4: Painting with Bubble Wrap

Class 5: Painting with a Fork

Class 6: Painting Rocks

Class 7: Final Painting

what’s in the course?

Here is a sneak peek into these online painting lessons for kids where you will:

  • Complete a Color Wheel and learn all about Primary and Secondary Colors
  • Learn how to create lighter and darker shades
  • Understand layering of paint
  • Learn how to paint with bubble wrap and leaves
  • Paint rocks and make a rainbow decoration
  • Paint with hands and make handprint animals
  • Build confidence & create tonnes of fun memories with your kids

“Andrzej is one of the clearest and most inspiring teachers that you can ever find!

We had a fantastic time going through the lessons and learning all of the fun ways of painting with acrylic paints. The course was super-easy to follow and we have created a tonne of beautiful art along the way. Can’t wait to show it to our friends. Even our parents joined in on the fun. All thumbs up from our family!”

– Oliver and Sophia Peterson

“Hi guys, Andrzej here. I am so happy that you have decided to join in on the fun and get started with art classes. I hope that you have a great time going through the courses and find your own new horizons on your painting adventures.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me and subscribe to my mailing list for any new upcoming post and/or lessons.

You can also connect with me on socials, just click the icons at the bottom of the page.” – Andrzej Ejmont

“Become the PAINTER of Your Life!” – AndrzejAndrzej Ejmont Art Classes