Early Days of Andrzej Ejmont Art

Early Days of Andrzej Ejmont Art

Where does it all really come from, the art I mean? I’d like to believe that I have been guided to paint.

And from the very beginning, even when I thought that I was lost, I was led to express myself through art.

Early Days of Andrzej Ejmont Art

Here are my earliest pieces:


“ACCIDENTALLY ALIEN…” is an acrylic painting on a board and it was gifted to my brother Daniel Ejmont.

"ACCIDENTALLY ALIEN..." by Andrzej Ejmont (Copyright)


In the moment of madness, the struggle of good and evil, something accidentally got created… 

The eternal battle of good and evil, the war between angels and demons. And what really becomes of it in the madness, in the struggle… the accidental alien. 

  • this painting was named by Daniel Ejmont when he spotted the accidental alien.


“6:13…” acrylic painting on board 600/900

613 acrylic painting by Andrzej Ejmont


What would you paint if you were told to release your thoughts and use paint to express your feelings?

What would you create? Sometimes the best way to find words is without any words at all… This painting represents the collision of mind and time.

Although the mind is eternal and entertained with universal energy forever, time seems to control our consciousness to the point of crippling us.

Why is that? Why do we allow ourselves to be controlled by the thoughts that we create… instead of simply controlling our thoughts and living in harmony with our divine energy?



“THE THINKER…” is an acrylic painting created on a deep edge canvas 40/60” and it is currently residing in a private collection – FOR SALE.

"THE THINKER..." by Andrzej Ejmont (Copyright)


All of the answers to your questions are already within you waiting for you to dig them out. Do not use the shovel or a fork to get it out into the light by force. Instead, take time to meditate on your thoughts.

Take time to truly get inside your head. Take time to find the real you and get to know you all the way to the core of your being. Only then you can truly master your life’s purpose.



“OPEN YOUR EYES…” is an acrylic painting created on a deep edge canvas 40/60” and it is SOLD.

"OPEN YOUR EYES..." by Andrzej Ejmont (Copyright)


Blinded to love. Yes, sometimes love stares right into our eyes, touching us and sending warmth that penetrates our skin, but can never really get to us.

When the walls are up, love bounces away from us like a mirror. Sad life is when you cover yourself with mirrored skin.

So the moral of the story is; to open your eyes and see just how much love awaits you… how loved you really are.



“SHY…” is an acrylic/spray paint painting created on a deep edge canvas 40/24” and it is SOLD.

"SHY..." by Andrzej Ejmont (Copyright)


Is she, is she really? I don’t think so!

In every one of us, there is a silent and shy one… waiting to seduce and to live life freely. And once you truly let go, once you shed your skin and show your true colors, only then you can live the life you meant to!

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