Andrzej Ejmont Commissioned Art

Commissioned Art by Andrzej Ejmont

If you love what I do, and would like me to create a painting just for you, then I will be more than happy to do so.

Simply click through to my contact page and send me all your thoughts and requirements there, or fill in the form below here:


Commissioned Art

Check out some of my previous commissioned art that I have created for my clients:

3 Apes…” 


“3 APES…” is an acrylic painting created on a deep edge canvas 60/40”, it is a commissioned painting and it is SOLD.

3 Apes by Andrzej Ejmont


This painting was commissioned to me by my brother Daniel, to represent his company 3 APES.



“PERSPECTIVE…” is an acrylic painting created on a deep edge canvas 40/60” and it is a commissioned painting.

"PERSPECTIVE..." by Andrzej Ejmont (Copyright)


Sometimes the storm comes when we are least expecting it. And that is perfectly fine, or is it!?

One thing is for sure. When the storm comes, all that you can really do is stand tall and face it head-on.

You may look like you are frozen in fear, unable to move a muscle. It’s only a perspective.

In truth, you are the brave one! You are the fearless one facing whatever storm comes your way. You can do this!



“THE SOUTHERN GREAT…” is an acrylic painting on deep edge canvas 30/40″ and it is SOLD.

THE SOUTHERN GREAT from Nauticals Collection by Andrzej Ejmont


Story of the Tuna fishing in Port Lincoln in South Australia. Commissioned painting for a client.

More acrylic art

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