Andrzej Ejmont – Official Biography of a Polish Artist

About Me

I am not going to tell you my full life story, cause you would be here for days. Instead, I will tell you the story about my life with art.

Hi, Iā€™m Andrzej Ejmont

I am mad about painting art. Art is one of my happy place, a place where are find my inner soul and where I connect with my subconscious.

“Creating art allows me to open a portal to the other side, where the magic happens and where my soul can paint without constrictions, doubts and where I am truly free.”

That’s deep, right? It is and it’s exactly how I feel when I’m “in the Zone”.

OK, so a little about me.

Andrzej Ejmont – Husband to amazing Wife and Soulmate Jolene, father to beautiful daughters Katie-Lee, Lily Anabella and Avalee-Rose.

I was born in 1978 in Poland in a little town called Ketrzyn, located in the North-Eastern corner of the country, in the area called Mazury “The Land of The Thousand Lakes”.

Although I have scribbled in my note pads all throughout my schooling, I see a one specific turning point in my life that truly spiked my interested in art and what I call “The Beginning…” of my painting adventures.


So here is a little back story.

Our family moved to Australia in 1996, two days after my eighteen’s birthday. Although I was super excited for the new adventure, the move from Poland has created a great shift in me as a person.

I didn’t realize that at the time, but I was headed for some deep revelations or discoveries within myself and not all of them were fun. To cut the story short, I resorted to escape inside, trying to push through all of the daily chores, working way too hard and blasting all of my money for “things” that would numb me and falsely sustain my sanity. I was obviously wrong!

Fast forward a few years… So than I needed to have a little break and decided to book myself in for a holiday at a local hospital, where I could nurse my Depression and learn a few things. And I did, I found a new meaning for my life… I was introduced to a black piece of paper and crayons.

And the rest is history… hahaha

OK, let’s keep going.

The doc said that it was good therapy and a perfect release for emotions. He said, that:

“Art can unlock the fears, break through walls, open up the world of possibilities and create new desires.”

OK, he didn’t say that, but that is exactly what I heard and it was awesome! From depression to the life of creation.

Acrylic Painting

The crayons didn’t last long and a blank piece of paper was never enough after that. My painting adventures took to another level when I reached out for acrylic paints.

Andrzej Ejmont - Self Portrait

Yes, and the madness started. The creations poured out of my as if they were always sitting deep inside waiting to come out.

Firstly I dove into painting on any old painting that I could source from local second-hand stores and painted over those for a couple of years, but that was still not it.

Secondly I reached out for large sized canvases set on deep edge and that’s where I found my destination, the right size and the right blank canvas to challenge myself.

Experimentation has taken me to mix acrylic painting with spray paint, thus creating dramatic textures as well as high-gloss metallic touches. And I loved it for years, however, as the years went by, artists need to evolve and grow, otherwise we die inside.

So, here I am now. I have found my calling, my passion, I have found my medium, my style and I am set for a wonderful life of painting art. And I cannot wait to stand before another white canvas, ready to get “in the Zone”.

Check out my art on products on Society6.

Watercolour Painting

Yes, I have also ventured out to the soft side of my art and started to create watercolour paintings. Why?

As a traveller (I am a co-founder of Wanderlust Storyteller Family Travel Blog) and an artist, naturally I wanted to create something that would combine both of my passions, passion for art and for travel. So the idea came about to write a book, a book for kids… and that led me to create an “A Travel Journal for Kids”.

A Travel Journal for Kids - by Andrzej Ejmont
Cover made by Valentina Migliore with a use of my watercolour paintings.

Currently, my watercolour painting is designated for creating pattern designs and other print style art. You can check it out on Instagram @andrzejejmontdesign and see my art on products on Society6.

Teaching Art

And that brings me to share what I have learned over the years and to add a bit of happiness and artful passion to you.

Painting Courses by Andrzej Ejmont

I absolutely love art. Art has truly saved my life and made me become a better person. It opened my mind to a new hobby, new passion and got me off the many other avenues that would otherwise lead me down the wrong path.

I want to share this with you, so that you can see the power of creating art via painting. There is truly nothing better than covering your hands with paint, connecting with the peaceful inner self and allowing yourself to be in the moment.

So I have created classes for kids, so that they can Get OFF the iPad or other technology and preserve the connection with us parents and other members of the family. Painting together is tonnes of fun for the little ones and for us too, and it’s an unforgettable space to make lasting memories.

And more courses to come šŸ™‚

Final words

And that’s a bit about me doneski. I am grateful that you are here, visiting my site. I hope that you enjoy your time here and that you will find something that resonates with you and your soul.

All best for now and talk soon.

PS: If you want to connect with me, find me on Facebook or Instagram.