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Great, I am so happy that you are finally here! Welcome to your go-to site for free online art classes for kids and beginners.

Yes, I’ve been waiting for you to join in on the fun with all of our arty and fun-loving families. So jump right in, roll up your sleeves (if you have any), and join my free online art classes for kids and beginners.

I know what you’re thinking: but, do I really have time for this? how hard are the classes? how long is it going to take? how much is it?

Well, your online painting lessons for kids will normally cost you a whopping price of a few cups of coffee, but I give them away for FREE.

The classes are super easy to follow and I guide you step-by-step through all of the paintings.

You will get hours of painting lessons, a tonne of paintings to do and you will get instant lifetime access to all of them as soon as you start. This means that you can come and go, and skip between lessons as you, please.

You are going to have tonnes of good times painting, and creating colorful art, and at the same time, you will strengthen those warm and fuzzy connections with the most important people in your life, your family. If that sounds good, then I will see you in the class.

Andrzej Ejmont - Self Portrait - Small


Welcome to my world. A world where I teach art for kids and beginners, and share stories through the art of painting.
Check out my personal journey of painting via My Art and step into my Art Classes to start to create your own adventure.
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